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AMP Consulting Policies


  1. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.
  2. Quotations are valid for 5 business days from the date stated on the quotation.
  3. AMP Consulting retains the right to refuse sale of any goods or services to any person, persons or corporation.


  1. The customer agrees to pay taxes in accordance with local taxing jurisdiction.
  2. All products purchased remain the property of AMP Consulting until the invoices are paid in full and in accordance with Missouri state or federal law. The customer agrees to pay any fees incurred by AMP Consulting, if a dispute arises with respect to the invoice.


  1. Manufacturer's warranties, if any, are the customer's responsibility.


  1. All services will be preformed as stated on the original quotation.
  2. AMP Consulting will perform only the stated work unless other wise requested by the customer. Any additional changes to the original work quoted may result in an additional cost to the customer.
  3. AMP Consulting is not responsible for data loss during system servicing. It is the responsibility of the customer to perform data backups and migration.
  4. Customer will provide all original disks and provide proof of purchase for all software products before any software installation is performed.


  1. AMP Consulting is not responsible for data loss resulting from hardware failure, viruses, improper component installation, internet attacks (insufficient network security), or lack of computer hardware/software maintenance.
  2. AMP Consulting will not be responsible for any consequential, incidental, or collateral damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use of any product.


  1. All software sales are final. Software is not returnable.

In helping us better serve out customers:

  1. All parties requesting goods and or services are asked for basic information for billing purposes. Including address, name, email and other standard contact information.
  2. Information requested is for billing purposes and is for internal AMP Consulting use only. This information will not be sold or used to promote sales or SPAM mail. Customer will have the option to receive AMP consulting newsletters via E-Mail. The AMP Consulting newsletter will include information such as latest pricing and sales.
  3. AMP Consulting uses an electronic billing system. The billing system includes a customer user interface. This interface may be used by valid AMP Consulting customers to view and print invoices, bills, create quotes, check availability/pricing, and to track job status.
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