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Family owned and operated since 1982 AMP Consulting has been servicing the needs of individuals and small business. It's wide range of service history includes those of large universities, small companies, medical billing facilities, dental practices, churches, not for profit organizations and individuals. AMP's staff consists of IT professionals that work in today's high demanding and ever changing IT industry. AMP has a highly respectable reputation of honesty, excellent service, and competitive pricing.

As consultants operating a small business, we understand that technology is the key to making the job easier, faster and more reliable. It is very important as a small business to keep the technology moving in the right direction. Don't let the old technology hold your company in the shadows.

How does AMP do this?

  1. Honesty
    1. A PC technician like a car mechanic can be honest or dishonest. Charging for parts or services you really do not need to get the job done.
    2. AMP does not charge unknown fees or perform drastic services that are not necessary to complete the task.
    3. AMP runs complete diagnostic checks on system components using diagnostic tools provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Open Source Software
    1. Most tasks can be preformed with the use of open source software.
    2. The use of open source software can greatly reduce the cost of system software and expensive upgrades.
    3. Packages such as Mail (Postfix, Sendmail, Spamassassin), Web (Apache, PHP, MySQL), IDS (Snort), Firewalls (IPtables), Security scanners (Nessus, NMap), Proxies (Squid), and DNS (Bind) running on the Linux open source operating system.
  3. Reputable parts
    1. AMP makes it a policy to only use parts from reputable companies. Companies with the strong back grounds and support services.
    2. Companies such as Intel, Fujitsu, Seagate, Nvidia, and Kingsten. All components are tested and scored based on compatibility, upgrade ability and reliability.
    3. Most systems will run multiple operating systems including Linux, BSD, and Windows.
    4. All complete systems sold are upgradeable.
  4. Experience
    1. All of AMP staff work in today's high demanding and ever changing IT industry.
    2. AMP has 40+ years of combined experience.
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